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20. December 2012

New driver‘s cab for series 103

First of all: lift up the pantographs for your series 103! Next flip the main switch! Will you need the vent before the start? Your decision! As a locomotive driver you know for sure. And then you will make your locomotive move by turning the big rotary wheel! Off you go. Sometimes with more, sometimes with less power depending on how you set the rotary wheel. You always have the control over your speed by looking at your tachometer. Up front is a train station? Well then you better lower the speed of your BR 103 to make your train stop. How? You are the locomotive driver! Whether you pull the wagon brake, the electric brake or you operate the auxiliary brake, with the right move you will certainly be able to stop your locomotive at the right spot.

Where does all that happen? Nowhere else but on your very own model train layout ! Because with the Z21 you are the locomotive driver of your models! Now also with the electric locomotive BR 103!

For your journey Fleischmann features the BR 103 as an Epoch IV version in the program. For gauge H0 and N.

BR 103 of the Deutschen Bahn (DC, gauge H0) – Item -No. 437601

BR 103 of the Deutschen Bahn (DC, gauge N) – Item -No. 737602

And at Roco the BR 103 is waiting for you in the scale 1:87 from the Epoch VI. In DC and AC versions.

BR 103 of the Deutschen Bahn AG (DC) – Item-No. 72393

BR 103 of the  Deutschen Bahn AG (AC) – Item-No. 78393

The driver’s cab is available as an add-on in your Z21 app. Starting right now at Google Play and very soon in the Apple app store.

Manual for the driver’s cab of the BR 103

Z21-mobile-HD-App, iPad

Z21-mobile-App, iPhone

Z21-App, Android

The add-on for the driver’s cab of the BR 103 is € 9,99.

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