Feel like a real train driver with camera locomotives!


Generations of model railway enthusiasts have dreamed of it; and thanks to Roco's camera locomotives, those dreams have now come true. On every journey you will see your model railway like you've never seen it before...from the train driver's perspective!

You will see the lovingly created details on both sides of the track in a completely new light; every feature of your model railway will be visible on screen in full size for all to see for the very first time. Highlights include passing through tunnels, pulling in and stopping at stations, passing trains coming in the opposite direction and taking corners. When the train turns so does the camera and with it your view, just like it would for the train driver. It makes you feel like you are on board the train and will never fail to impress.

Every journey becomes a fantastic experience. Integrating the camera locomotive into your Z21 controls is also extremely easy.