Incredibly realistic


Camera technology: Once installed, the camera is virtually invisible, hidden behind the train's front windscreen. The high camera quality with automatic exposure, the large field of view and the extremely wide-angle lens provide a fantastic picture.

System technology: The journey is streamed live to your tablet PC or smartphone via WLAN and the Z21 module. With a tablet PC, the experience is enhanced with realistic Z21 images of the driver's cab. You can control your locomotive like a real train driver using the touchscreen and see the track through the (virtual) front windscreen of the driver's cab.
With a smartphone or laptop you can enjoy the journey in fullscreen mode.

Recommended equipment:

  • Tablet PC, e.g. iPad 2, Android 4 or higher
  • Smartphone, e.g. iPhone 4s, Android 4 or higher
  • Memory from 512MB RAM, 1GHz processor, e.g. Tegra2


Here you find a step-by-step camera-locomotive guide:

Guide_Cameralocomotive (pdf - 278.54 kB)