Do you want to know more about the Z21-digital system? Here you can find our current product documents for free of charge download.

All connections of the black Z21-digital system

Z21_Connections (pdf - 19.30 MB)

All connections of the white Z21-digital system

z21_Connections (pdf - 8.21 MB)

Z21 apps.

Z-21 mobile HD, iPad
Z-21 mobile, iPhone
Z-21 mobile, Android
Z21 Updater, Android


Z21 Usermanual (pdf - 3.86 MB) (Deutsch, English, Francais)
Z21 Usermanual (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) (pdf - 6.13 MB) (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
Z21 Usermanual CN 中文用户指南 (pdf - 8.41 MB) (Mandarin)
Z21 Usermanual JP デジタルシステム (pdf - 3.67 MB)
Z21 Usermanual CZ (pdf - 3.40 MB)

Z21 and z21 EN (pdf - 3.57 MB)

Z21 Führerstand BR 218 (pdf - 827.40 kB)
Z21 Führerstand der BR 52 (pdf - 4.38 MB)
Z21 Führerstand der BR 103 (pdf - 1.52 MB)
Z21 Führerstand der 1116 Taurus (pdf - 1.72 MB)
Z21 Führerstand der Rh 109 (pdf - 1.77 MB)
Z21 Digitalsystem (pdf - 1.26 MB)
Z21 Digital System en (pdf - 1.20 MB)

Z21_Booster_light_10805 (pdf - 2.52 MB)


Manual to use the Gleisbesetztmelder GBM16XN from Blücher-Elektronik with your Z21
Z21 GBM16XN (pdf - 2.68 MB) (German)

Z21 Maintenance/WIFI-MULTIMAUS

With the Z21 service application “Z21 Maintenance” you can configure and update your entire Z21 system via Ethernet or WiFi. With this application you can always keep your Z21, as well as smartRail, WiFi-MULTIMAUS, MULTIMAUS, and Z21 Detector up to date.

Z21_Maintenance_V1.12 (zip - 6.86 MB)


New Z21 Firmware V1.30:

  • Contains required extensions for transferring the WiFi-MULTIMAUS routes library.
  • Extension for new CAN devices.
  • The packet now also contains the WLANMAUS Update Tool, which can be opened via the options menu.
  • Configuration possibility and firmware update for the Z21 Detector 10808 has been added.
  • Firmware/Sound update possibility for Zimo decoder MX618 and MX658 has been added.

New WiFi-MULTIMAUS Firmware V1.06:

  • 10 routes with 10-letter names and 10 turnouts.
    • Associated menu functions: New, Edit, Delete, Search, Send, Receive.
  • Extension of the available character set with 9 on the WiFiMAUS unrepresentable characters (#%&.:;{}~).
    • The input is performed via the 0-key, the representation happens with numbers from 1 to 9, the symbol “ABC” blinks if the input is an unrepresentable character.
  • POM (Program On Main) programming mode, inclusive POM writing/reading of long loco addresses, has been complemented.

Solved WiFi-MULTIMAUS Failures:

  • Changes of the speed steps settings via the menu LOCO | EDIT are resumed now.
  • On changing into the programming mode, not only the connectivity to the router is checked, but also the connectivity to the Z21 central station.


Previous Versions:

Z21_Maintenance_V1.11.2 (zip - 2.34 MB)
WLAN MULTIMAUS Update V1.01 (zip - 1.39 MB)



With this application you are able to stream the picture of your camera on your PC or laptop.

Videolok_Live (zip - 1.28 MB)



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