Operate with driver’s cabs: At the tablet PC  you can operate your locomotives with photorealistic driver’s cabs and execute the manual operations like a real locomotive driver.



Unique driving experience with built-in cameras in the locomotive: For the first time presented at the toy fair in Nuremberg in 2013! Invisible locomotive cameras that have been integrated into the models will transmit the journey through your model railway layout live to your tablet PC driver’s cab. The driving experience from the perspective of the locomotive driver becomes a reality for the first time.

Simple management and operation: You can manage and operate all of the locomotives, switch tracks and digital functions with self explanatory function symbols. Complicated command button combinations are a thing of the past.

Simple assignment of functions! Complicated tasks (for example interlocking system, function mapping, CV programming) that were difficult to do in the past are getting uniquely simple and you can operate your railway layout without any specialized knowledge with a few fingertips from your smartphone or tablet PC.

All locomotives - and more - in a glance. Create a register of all of your locomotives, wagons and trains - with a photo of your models and a lot of space for information to the original locomotives and your models (when purchased, maintained, etc.). This way you can always carry the entire information for your layout with you on your smartphone or tablet PC.


Experience model train fascination together!  One or more tablet PCs and smartphones are connected via the coordinating operation control. That way Z21 makes real playing together and exciting competitions possible!  Special high score games are currently in preparation (will be available soon).


Lasting way into the future! Z21 is designed to allow for upgrades and further function enhancements to be downloaded and integrated easily. The hardware remains to be your smartphone or tablet PC. That makes expensive components for (enhancements) the upgrade process superfluous once and for all. With a minimum of effort you can always stay on the most current level.