Manage the trains with Z21

Simple - more options and more fun!

Z21 is revolutionizing the assignment of functions!
Complicated tasks (for example interlocking system, function mapping, CV programming) that were difficult to do in the past are getting uniquely simple and you can operate your railway layout without any specialized knowledge with a few clicks from your smartphone or tablet PC.

1 Photograph your layout, 2 Select function symbols and assign turnout addresses, 3 Place function symbols at the selected place, 4 Get going: play, operate and manage like a train driver.


With Z21 you carry your whole hobby with you all the time!

With Z21 you have all of your fleet and layout information with you and available with one click.

Build up your very own register of all of your locomotives, wagons and trains. In this function mode you can add a photo to every locomotive as well as a lot of information to the original locomotives and your models (when purchased, maintained etc.). 

This way you can carry all of your layout information with you on your smartphone  or tablet PC all the time.