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IMPORTANT: No parcels are accepted at this address. All parcel deliveries to this address will be refused, without exception. Please note that faulty items should be handled exclusively via a specialist dealer.

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From Germany (at local call rates within the German landline network; calls from mobiles, max. €0.42 per minute incl. VAT): +49 (0) 180-1919292

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Company headquarters: Munich, Germany
Entered in the Munich trade registry under no. HRB 159908
Competent court: Munich District Court
VAT ID: DE 814 581 154
Managing Directors: Tassilo Gruber, Rupert Schiefer

Modelleisenbahn München GmbH
Branch office Bergheim
Plainbachstraße 4
A-5101 Bergheim, Austria
Regional court companies register FN 321881f
Company headquarters: Bergheim
Managing Directors: Tassilo Gruber, Rupert Schiefer


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