Funktionalität und Komfort

Z21 multiMAUS System

The Z21 multiMAUS is a digital handheld controller that you can use to control your trains, use the digital functions and switch and program turnouts and signals. 

Above all the clear design in combination with easy operation makes the Z21 multiMAUS represents the latest standard in digital model railway control. 



  • Illuminated display
  • Large buttons
  • Stepless knob with locking zero point
  • Option to program and export the CV values
  • Works perfectly in tandem with the Z21 control

10810/686810 - Z21 multiMAUS

  • Management of 9,999 loco addresses
  • 64 loco addresses can be stored in the database using 5-character names
  • Up to 29 functions can be activated per loco
  • Locos can be controlled with either 14, 28 or 128 speed steps, individually for each loco
  • Up to 1,024 magnetic articles, switchable
  • Read and write configuration variables (DCC-CVs)

10813 - Z21 WLANMAUS

Additional features:

  • Wireless freedom with WiFi transmission
  • 29 functions per locomotive
  • 100 locomotive addresses can be stored in the database and can be assigned with names up to 10 digits
  • Operated with commercially available standard batteries (3 x AAA)


Overview of functions