Z21 light BOOSTER

Expand your tracks with the Z21 light BOOSTER

10805 - Z21 light BOOSTER

The model railway system contains many power consumers that are connected to the digital voltage that all need to be supplied with power. 

If the system exceeds a certain size and the power from the track output of the control centre is no longer sufficient, the new Z21 light BOOSTER supplies new track and control sections with up to 3 A. 

Technical details

Technical details

Input voltage
12-24 V DC (Only use switching power supplies!)
Input current
3,1 A max.
Own consumption
0,6 W
Output voltage
= input current - 1,1 V
Output power
3 A max.
Overload protection
Thermal, current and power supply unit voltage
Digital system
DCC and/or Motorola
RailCom® gap can be deactivated
By measuring the current, can be deactivated
Short-circuit message can be deactivated
Dimensions L x W x H
104 mm x 104 mm x 25 mm

Connections of the Z21 light BOOSTER

Booster comparison list

Recommended power supply: 10851 - Switching power supply 54 W