Software & Tools

1. Z21® Maintenance

With the Z21® service application "Z21® Maintenance" you can configure and update your entire Z21® system via Ethernet or WiFi. This application allows you to always keep your Z21®, as well as smartRail™, MULTIMAUS® and Z21® DETECTOR up to date. 

The latest version of the Z21®-Maintenance-Tool you can find here: 

The new Z21®-Maintenance-Tool V1.14 contains the following innovations:
The new Z21® firmware V1.33 (in Maintenance V1.14 included) contains the following innovations:
  • Added configuration options and firmware update for the Z21 Booster 10806 and 10807 connected via CAN.
  • Added firmware/sound update also for Zimo MX600, MX616, MX659 and MX660 decoders.
  • Bugfix for incorrect rendering when using 125% font scale.
  • Bugfix for the firmware update process of the MULTIMAUS®.


  • CAN: added extensions for Z21® Booster 10806 and 10807 (voltage settings, short-circuit messages, RailCom® forwarding).
  • DCC: CV register programming bugfix for Roco decoders 10740 and 10741.
  • DCC: improved RailCom® cutout timing.
  • X-BUS: added extensions for the handheld controllers LH101 and LH01.


Booster Firmware V1.10.0

First firmware release for the Z21® Booster 10806 and 10807

Previous Versions

WLANMAUS® Firmware Update

This programm allows you to keep your WLANMAUS® up to date. 


The latest version of the "WlanmausUpdate" you can find here: 


For this update you MUST strictly follow the update sequence:

First WLANMAUS®, afterwards radio module! 

The new WLANMAUS® firmware V1.08 contains the following innovations:
  • Solved Failure: In the submenu SETTINGS - TURN-OFF TIME, the current value is now displayed immediately on pressing the OK button.
  • Solved Failure: After changing the network, the WLANMAUS® does not need to be turned off and on again in order to establish a connection.
  • Solved Failure: When changing the loco with activated catch functionality, the last direction of a stopped loco is now displayed correctly.
  • Solved Failure: The radio module stability has been improved, such that the known connection losses do not occur anymore.
  • New Feature: The speed steps selection has been improved, such that a more accurate setting of the desired speed step is possible.
  • New Feature: The quick programming via the function keys has been extended: MENU + "6" = CV MODIFICATION, MENU + "7" = LONG ADDRESS, MENU + "9" = CV29, MENU + "0" = SSID.
  • New Feature:  Under SETTINGS - USER INTERFACE - SCROLLING SPEED, the scrolling speed for long texts can be set.
  • New Feature: Under SETTINGS - INFO - CONTROL CENTER, the control center type as well as its firmware version and current consumption can be requested.
  • New Feature: Under SETTINGS - CONTROL CENTER, in dependency on the determined control center, a dynamic menu for diverse control center settings is generated.
  • New Feature: Under SETTINGS, if connected to a SmartRail™, the additional submenu SMARTRAIL for diverse SmartRail™ settings is generated.

Previous Versions

3. Camera loco live picture Stream the picture of the camera live on PC or laptop

With this programm you can display the live live image of the camera loco on a PC or Laptop. 


The latest version for the "videoloco" tool you can find here: 

2. Z21® App