Firmware Update Z21 ᴡʟᴀɴMAUS

Here you will find the latest update for the Z21 ᴡʟᴀɴMAUS

The new Z21 WLANMAUS firmware V1.09 contains the following innovations:

Solved Failures:

  • Special Characters over 0-Key
    The missing special characters of the "0"-key were complemented, i.e. the characters "0[]`|#%=<>$\^&.:i{}~" are available again.
  • Entire Resetting
    The menu command SETTINGS | RESET | EVERYTHING works as usual again, i.e. "everything"(system settings, loco library, and routes) is deleted again.
  • Interruption of Speed Steps Display
    The speed steps display is now immediately interrupted in turnout mode by the turnout number display as soon as a numeric key is pressed and not after the preset speed steps visualization time.

New Features:

  • Direction Change while at Standstill
    By pressing the shift key while operating the control knob, the evaluation and acceptance of the set speed step can be prevented and hence the direction of travel can be changed when the loco is at standstill, e.g. to achieve a light change of the loco in the station area without starting.

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