10869 - Z21 XL BOOSTER

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Z21 XL Series

The latest Z21 XL series has been especially designed for the needs of large tracks (0, 1, 2/G) and combines the benefits and comfort of the Z21 system with a high output of 6 ampere.

Due to the high-performance output and the adjusted shutdown, the Z21 XL series is perfectly designed for the needs of large rails. The high currents not only withstand large model mechanics and robust track materials, but require them.


These higher currents also require more care to avoid possible hazards.
Please observe the following instructions

The advantages of the Z21 XL BOOSTER

  • More output with 6 A 20 V
  • DCC and Motorola track format
  • B-BUS
  • CDE interface
  • RailCom® recipient and transfer to command station (CAN)
  • Short circuit forwarding to command station (adjustable)
  • Firmware-Update (CAN)
  • RailCom® cut-out (adjustable)

Booster comparison list

Recommended power supply: 10857 - 120 W switching power supply with output voltage 20 V and 6 A output current