The control center with a system

Digital driving enjoyment begins with the Z21 digital control centre!


This is where all the elements of your model railway system are brought together, whether it's a standard handheld controller or modern touch operation via an app. All your inputs are translated as control commands for locos and turnouts, and output to the track.

This turns the control of multiple trains into child's play!

Simple operation

The most important thing in a digital control system is the operation.

It must be simple, intuitive and easy to use. You still want to maintain an overview of the entire system and fleet. This ease-of-use should also include configuring and setting the devices. 

All these benefits are provided by our free of charge Z21 app.

Those who like driving their locos with an actual rotary control in their hand, don't miss out with the Z21 multiMAUS either.

The handheld controller that has been tried and tested hundreds of thousands of time can now also be enjoyed in complete freedom wirelessly in the form of the Z21 ᴡʟᴀɴMAUS. 

A combination of the Z21 app and Z21 multiMAUS is also a dream. 


Easy connections

Plug it into anything you have!

The variety of interfaces, such as X-BUS, LocoNet™ and CAN, allows you to connect over 30 different handheld controllers, feedback modules as well as switching modules from various manufacturers. 

New devices are being integrated and tested on an ongoing basis. 

Naturally the control centre is also compatible with older ROCO components, such as Lokmaus2/3. LocoNet™ can also be used to use a multiMAUSpro via the multiZENTRALEpro. 

The ideal basis for PC supported automation

The Z21 has an open LAN interface, making it the ideal gateway for connecting your automation program with the model train system. 

The three models

To meet the various requirements, there are three versions of the Z21. They differ in the level of equipment.

For being perfectly adjusted to big scales (0, 1, 2/G), the Z21 components are also available with 6 A main track power. 

Easy maintenance: Z21 Maintenance Tool

To be able to customise your z21/Z21 system or your smart RAIL even more, the Z21 Maintenance Tool is available for free of charge download. 




The Maintenance Tool enables you to:

  • The use of different decoder programming modes 
  • Perform Z21 multiMAUS- and Z21-Firmware-Updates 
  • Ongoing function expansions mean that access to the latest version is always accessible
  • Perform Zimo-Decoder Updates (with Z21)
  • Individual adjustment of the output voltage (with Z21)
  • Conversion of the R-Bus interface into another X-BUS (with Z21)

More than just a control centre

All advantages at a glance

  • Wireless control via tablet, smartphone and Z21 ᴡʟᴀɴMAUS
  • Powerful management of even larger vehicle fleets
    (up to 9,999 loco addresses and 2044 turnout addresses)
  • Open multi-protocol control centre for DCC and Motorola® formats 
  • Export and feedback via RailCom® from locos and turnouts
  • Decoder update option for software & sound for ZIMO Sound Decoder (with Z21)
  • Upgrade for existing digital system thanks to downward compatibility
    e.g. Z21 multiMAUS, Lokmaus 2, etc.