Z21 switch DECODER

The universal switching decoder with 16 outputs

10836 - Z21 switch DECODER

The Z21 switch DECODER is an universally applicable DCC switching decoder with 16 individual outputs for up to 8 switches or up to 16 elements such as LEDs and bulbs. It is simple to handle and future-proof due to its updateability. 

Therefore it is perfectly suitable for twin coil motors, simple light signals, all kind of illumination and for controlling relais. 


Adjustable outputs

Each one of the 8 output pairs can be set independently to various modes. Those modes are already preset and can simply be selected. Each output pair can also be dimmed separately for precisely adjusting the illumiation. 



Adjustable modes

Standard operation
With (configurable) cut-in time for twin coil motors
Instantaneous operation
For switches and uncouplers. Can be be activated with a manual controller depending on the operating time (see also 10775)
Bistable continuous operation
Switching on or switching over of the lighting and signals
Bistable continuous operation 2
Switching on or switching over with light bulb simulation
Alternative flash
Alternative flash 2
With light bulb simulation

Programming with RailCom®

Simplifies programming on main (POM), also in installed condition. 

Alternatively it is possible to apply the turnout address of the next switching command as new address for the Z21 switch DECODER by pressing the programming button.

Simple connection

In order to not unnecessarily use the output of your digital centre or booster, it is possible to connect a separate DC supply. If a very simple wiring is desired the track signal can be used as supply as well. 

Additionally the outputs are protected against short-circuit and overload.



Technical details

Input voltage
12 - 20 V DC or DCC rail voltage
16 outputs for 8 switches
Output current per output
2 A (2,5 A for 100 ms)
Output current whole module
2 A (2,5 A for 100 ms)
Compatible with
DCC and RailCom®
Numbers of switches
Dimensions L x W x H
104 mm x 104 mm x 25 mm