10808 - Z21® DETECTOR

Der vielseitige RailCom® Belegtmelder

10808 - Z21® DETECTOR (RailCom®)

To automate your system, it is essential to install a well-functioning feedback system. 

The main function of the Z21® DETECTOR is the feedback message via current monitoring on 8 track sections. This essential function is possible via R-BUS and CAN. This means that the 10808 can be used both on the black Z21® and on the white z21® and the z21®start.

The address of the feedback module can be set very easily using the integrated programming key. The status of each input is displayed via a separate status LED.

The CAN-BUS on the black Z21® offers even more:
  • Locomotive identification via RailCom® Local Detector on each of the 8 inputs, and all at the same time. This means you always know which locomotive is located in which section.
  • The RailCom® Local Detector via CAN also provides the option of POM reading in booster sections where a RailCom cut-out is being produced, but where there is no RailCom® Global Detector in the booster itself. This is the case with the Z21® light BOOSTER, for example.
  • Response characteristics, current thresholds, RailCom® settings and the address can be easily configured via the Z21® Maintenance Tool.
  • The firmware update for future features can also be carried out easily and quickly using the Z21® Maintenance Tool.

Technical data

Technical details

Input voltage
12-24V DCC or MM
Input current
4,1 A max.
Internal CAN or R-BUS consumption
0,25 W
Internal track input consumption
Output per channel
3 A
Digital system
DCC and/or Motorola
Occupied message
8 x per current measurement and RailCom®
Dimensions L x W x H
104 mm x 104 mm x 25 mm