Z21 Updater App

Your entire Z21 system always up to date

Updater App

Firmware Update

The Z21 Updater app for iOS und Android allows you to always keep your Z21 system up to date. That is how you benefit from all the improvements and new features. 

The following devices are supported:

  • Z21
  • z21 and z21start
  • smartRail

The update process is very simple: 

  • Download updates - When you are connected to the Internet you can easily check for new updates. Those updates are directly saved on your device. 
  • Installing new updates - Switch to the Z21 network. After connecting to the Z21 device the update can conveniently being installed. 

z21start unlocking

You can use the Z21 Updater app to unlock the network interface of your z21start. 

After purchasing either the z21 WLAN Package (10814) or the z21 unlock code (10818) just follow the instructions in the app to unlock the z21start. 

System requirements

The Z21 updater app currently supports devices with iOS version 10.3 and above and with android version 4.4 and above in order to provide the full functionality.