Roco camera locos

100 % train driver feeling

Generations of model railway enthusiasts have dreamed of it and thanks to ROCO's camera locomotives, those dreams have come true. On every journey you will see your model railway like you've never seen it before: from the train driver's perspective!


Functionality of your camera locomotive

Camera technology: The camera is installed behind the front screen on the models.

Integrated WLAN: Facilitates image transfer even at distances up to 25m.

This permits the following operating modes:

Host Mode

In this mode, it is possible to connect a WLAN-compatible device (e.g.: tablet, PC, smartphone) directly to the locomotive. This means the video data can be sent from the camera locomotive directly to the device. 

This ensures operating function even if you have not yet installed a Z21 controller. All you then need to do is download the Z21 app onto your tablet or smartphone. 

Client Mode

This is particularly suitable for Z21 users as in this mode it is possible to control the locomotive and view the live video stream simultaneously.

The locomotive connects to the Z21 router and sends the video images via to the router to the tablet or smartphone. The control commands from you are sent to the Z21 via the router. The latter sends the control commands to the locomotive via the rails.

Please note:

In order to guarantee the full range of features of your camera locomotive, we advise you to not perform a decoder update above version 37.0. 


Videoloco Tool

With this programm you can display the live live image of the camera loco on a PC or Laptop. 


The latest version for the "videoloco" tool you can find here: