Z21 Maintenance Tool

Easy maintenance of your entire Z21 system

Z21 Maintenance Tool

With the Z21 service application "Z21 Maintenance" you can configure and update your entire Z21 system via Ethernet or WiFi. This application allows you to always keep your Z21, as well as smart RAIL, Z21 multiMAUS and Z21 DETECTOR up to date. 

The latest version of the Z21 Maintenance-Tool you can find here: 

The new Z21 Maintenance-Tool V1.16 contains the following innovations:
The new Z21 firmware V1.41 (in Maintenance V1.16 included) contains the following innovations:
  • Contains Z21 FW V1.41, smartRail FW V1.15, multiMAUS FW V1.05, Belegtmelder V3.1.20, Booster V1.10.0, switch DECODER V1.10, signal DECODER V1.11
  • Z21, Z21XL: Added Zimo MS decoder firmware update; requires Zimo decoder bootloader version 2.2 or higher (rolled out since 3/2021, see also decoder CV 248 und 249)
  • Z21, Z21XL: Added Zimo MS decoder sound update; requires Zimo firmware version 4.97 or higher (see decoder CV 7 und 65)
  • Z21, Z21XL: Revised Zimo MX decoder firmware + sound update
    See also Z21_Maintenance_English.pdf, chapter 3.9 "Decoder Update"


  • Added new Zimo MS-Decoder firmware + sound update 
  • Revised Zimo MX decoder firmware + sound update
  • LocoNet: Bugfix for showing the correct status of F12 and F20 on Daisy II 
  • LAN: Added new LAN commands for CAN booster management
  • Miscellaneous small bugfixes


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