z21start Unlock code

and z21start WLAN package

The network interface of the z21start can be used for settings and firmware updates only, without an unlock code.


The z21 WiFi Package (Art. Nr. 10814) contains a preconfigured router and the activation code for the z21start.

After the unlock process the networf interface can be used unrestricted. 


The z21 unlock code (10818) can be used if you already have your own wireless router which you want to use. 

The z21 unlock code is used to enable the network port of the z21start making it available without restrictions. 




Both the unlock code (10818) + separate router, as well as z21 Wifi Package (10814) including the router faciliate: 

  • The control of trains and turnouts using your smartphone or tablet via the Z21 app
  • The use of the Z21 WLANMAUS
  • PC-controlled operation and automation (e.g. Rocrail®, iTrain®, TrainController®, ...)

Unlocking via Maintenance Tool (Windows PC)

Unlocking via app (Android/iOS)