Z21 signal DECODER

10837 - Z21 signal DECODER

The Z21 signal DECODER is a universal DCC decoder for 2 to 4 complex light signals with a common plus. It is easy to handle and future-proof due to its updatability.

It is therefore ideal for complex LED signals.

Outputs for 2 to 4 signals

Depending on the complexity of the different signals, a varying number of devices can be connected.

  • 2 signals: 8 outputs can be used per signal.
  • 3 signals: 1 signal with 8 outputs can be used. Two additional signals with 4 outputs can also be used.
  • 4 signals: 4 outputs can be used per signal.

Many predefined signal types

Many predefined signal types with up to 24 signal aspects are available for easy configuration. This completely eliminates the need for highly complex "function mapping" - only the signal type needs to be selected. This can be done conveniently via the Z21 pro LINK or by writing a CV. The signal type can of course be set independently per signal.

Over 30 signal types are included, such as:
  • Germany: H/V-Signale, Ks-Signale, Hl-Signale, Sperrsignale, ...
  • Austria: Hauptsignale Bauart 1980 und 1954, Vorsignale, Schutzsignale, Verschubsignale, ...
  • Switzerland: System L, System N, signals for shunting service, ...
  • France: Châssis-Écran A bis H, Disque und Indicateur Direction

Additional signal types can of course be added by using the update function via the Z21 pro LINK.

Simple operation

Operation is even easier with the Z21 app as the signal types are also stored in the app and in the decoder and only have to be selected.
RailCom® enormously simplifies programming via the main track (POM), even in the installed state.

Furthermore, the Z21 signal DECODER can be easily configured and updated via the Z21 pro LINK. 

By confirming via the programming button, the address of the next switching command can easily be adopted as the new address for the Z21 signal DECODER.

Simple connection

A separate DC supply can be connected so that the control centre or booster outputs are not placed under unnecessary load. If the wiring should be as simple as possible, the rail signal can also be used as a supply.

In addition, the outputs are protected against overload and short-circuits. The signals are connected with a common plus. Each LED is connected to the Z21 signal DECODER with its own series resistor, because the output voltage corresponds to the supply voltage.

Technical details

Input voltage
12 - 20 V DC or DCC rail voltage
16 outputs for up to 4 signals
Output current per output
400 mA
Output current whole module
2 A
Compatible with
DCC Basic und Extended Accessory, RailCom®
Addresses of signals
Dimensions L x W x H
104 mm x 104 mm x 25 mm