Z21 XL Series

Technical tips

Technical information for high currents

Most notably, in G-scale railroad operations, any loose, dirty or oxidized track connectors can easily form and this could lead to higher contact resistances on your trails. If a short circuit occurs, there is a risk that the Z21 XL command station or the Z21 XL BOOSTER cannot detect this short circuit quickly enough and will continue to supply high currents as a result. In a worse-case scenario, this can cause over-heating and in some cases, a fire. 

To avoid this problem, we recommend that you pay attention to the following tips when wiring: 

  • Multiple inputs of the track signal to the track system
    The more often the track is connected, the lower is the contact resistances. For this purpose, you could arrange the supply line e.g. in a star or ring configuration.
  • Suitable cable cross section
    For track 1 and track G we recommend to choose at least a cable cross section of 1,5 mm². 
  • Proper clamping points
    Pay attention to professional, clean and neat terminal points.