Fahrerlebnis der neuen Generation

The new Z21® app from FLEISCHMANN and Roco

Optimising and updating the tried and trusted Z21® app gives you the benefit of a whole range of new, highly desirable functions and options that you can use to experience your digital model railway in even greater exciting detail. 


The app is available for iOS devices in the App Store and for Android devices in the Google Play Store for complimentary download. 


  • Open multi-protocol control centre for DCC and Motorola® formats for each locomotive and magnetic article can be switched separately
  • Export and feedback via RailCom® from locos and turnouts
  • Saving and transfer of the locomotive data using the import and export functions
  • Wireless control via tablet and smartphone (up to 10 device simultaneously)
  • Powerful management of even larger vehicle fleets
    (up to 9,999 loco addresses and 2048 turnout addresses)
  • Multiple tablets and smartphones can be connected via the control centre and handled by the control simultaneously (up to 252 devices)


Locomotive library

  • Clearly laid out locomotive library with name and address, as well as an image
  • Using the Roco/FLEISCHMANN locomotive database, simple import of all functions and information for the models by entering the article number 
  • Easy adaptation of the locomotive functions with a variety of symbols
  • Addition of new locomotives via the locomotive database
  • All locomotive data for all models since 2015 can be imported

Control station settings

  • Zoomable grid for easy sorting
  • Easy creation of your track diagram
  • Simple connection of the signal box elements


  • Rapid changeover between signal box and locomotive controller
  • 3 pages for locomotive functions
  • Speed regulator with haptic functionality: Feedback at 0 % and at 100 %
  • Function keys with image and description

Signal box control

  • Easy touch operation to switch turnouts, signals, etc.
  • Route switching
  • Changing over between different system parts
  • Full-screen mode possible with tablets

CV programming

The Z21® app also allows you to carry out CV programming to further optimise the driving response and thus the driving pleasures on your system. 

  • Clear layout
  • Automatic export of the CV values that affect the driving response with graphical curve
  • Programming is possible via POM or programming track
  • Direct display of the corresponding bits

Layout management

The import and export function means that model railway systems can be exchanged easily between devices and with friends.


  • Change the look according to your preferences 
  • Configuration of different control functions
  • Management of live data from the Z21®

Driver cabs

A particular plus point in favour of changing to a digital model railway is the option to control your locomotives yourself as the actual driver. 

Be wowed by the photorealistic driver cabs with original switches and control elements. Every control knob or lever can be operated directly and has exactly the same effect on your locomotive as it would on the rails in real life. 

The Z21® app currently includes 8 individual driver cabs.