Formhauptsignal (ÖBB)

Signal-ID: 162 (hex: 0xA2)

Using this signal configuration, the following signals can for example be operated:

  • Single arm (Stop)
  • Single arm (Clear)
  • Double arm (Stop)
  • Double arm (Clear)
  • Double arm (Clear with 40)

Semaphore signals can be connected if they fulfil the following conditions:

  • Drives switched off at end of travel
  • Current consumption < 400 mA per drive
  • Common anode
  • One control line per signal aspect

Attention: The semaphore signals produced by Viessmann and also sold by Roco/Fleischmann with two drive cylinders require positive control pulses (= common cathode)! To be able to connect these signals directly, one would require a control module with a common anode, which however is no longer available from the manufacturer.
If you have experience in soldering and electronics, then there would be a DIY solution: If you were to carefully cut open the sheath on the electronic ballast of the signal, you would see four diodes in one direction. It would then be necessary to unsolder these four diodes and to solder them back in again after rotating them 180 degrees. However, we hereby note that we cannot expressly recommend this procedure, as then the warranty on the signal would expire.

This conversion would only be required on the above-mentioned signals with two drive cylinders. The other semaphore signals with only one drive cylinder can be connected directly to the decoder.

Terminal assignment

1 - Red+Green+Yellow LED
2 - Coil
Connection for “Stop”
3 - Coil
Connection for “Clear"
4 - Coil
Connection for “Clear with 40 km/h”
5 - Coil
Identical with terminal 2 for more power
6 - Coil
Identical with terminal 3 for more power
7 - Coil
Identical with terminal 4 for more power
8 - Reserved

Decoupled double arm semaphore signals may consume more current when switching between "Stop" and "Clear with 40 km/h" because both arms have to be moved at the same time.

To avoid short-circuits, the connections for the magnetic drives are doubled. If applicable, connect the signal line for "Stop" with the terminals 2 and 5, those for "Clear" with the terminals 3 and 6 and the signal line for "Clear with 40 km/h" with the terminals 4 and 7.

Signal aspects




Frei mit 40 km/h


Clear with 40 km/h