All connections of the white z21 (start)

Main Track = Prog Track

Unlike the Z21 that has a separate programming track and main track, these tracks are on one output with the z21. 

Main track:

  • 3,2 A
  • Short circuit detection
  • Track voltage = 1 V below supply voltage

Programming track:

  • CV programming
  • MM programming

2 Rails DCC


DCC Loco-Decoder

  • 14/28/128 speed steps
  • F0 to F28
  • POM read nbsp#write


DCC Turnout- and Signal-Decoder

  • Configuration of sophisticated decoder 
  • 2048 DCC-turnouts 

3 Rails MM


MMI and MMII Loco-Decoder

  • MMI: Address 1 to 80 and 14 speed steps
  • MMII: Addresse 1 to 255 and 28 speed steps


MM Turnout-Decoder

  • 255 MM turnouts possible

Please note: The polarity when connecting 3-rail tracks and MM turnout decoders! Some MM turnout decoders must be connected with proper polarity in order to process the MM signal correctly 


LED Status

Constant blue - Normal operation


Lit in green - Programming mode

Flashing blue - STOP

Flashing red - Short circuit

Booster BUS


10819 - Z21 DETECTOR X16

Z21 multiMAUS firmware update and language change by using Z21 Maintenance

Feedback module (e. g. 10787) for momentary or permanent contacts

20 modules with ascending adresses

8 inputs per feedback module

  • Combinable with circuit tracks (e. g. 61117, 42518 ...)
  • Combinable with sleeper with built-in reed switch (e. g. 42605, 61193 ...)

Blücher GBM16XN

XpressNet™ Interface

GBM FW V1.11.2 or higher




Route Control

Lenz LH100

Lenz LH30

Lenz LH90 - Z21 FW V1.24 or higher

Funky - Z21 FW V1.24 or higher

Blücher GBM16XN (Occupany detector for PC-automation Rocrail, iTrain...)

XpressNet™ Interface

Z21 FW V1.24 or higher
GBM FW V1.11.2 or higher


LAN mobile

Connection to the following programmes

Z21 app (previous version)


Connection to the following programmes